The Detectors

3. Mai 2016 Aus Von coraci
Since 2003 the melodic Streetpunks enthral their genre. Inspired by  bands such as Voice Of A Generation, Down And Away or Bombshell Rocks  they delight their scene also with socially critical lyrics. Already in  2004 they released their own DIY demo. Appearances on samplers like  „Kinder spielen tod“ from the record label Zeitstrafe followed. Since  2007 the three guys from Neumünster play for True Rebel Records and now  you can look forward for more sampler-participations and finally the  long-desired first album!
While their full-length-album „Deny“ now is two years old, it is  still receiving only positive reviews throughout. Angry & melodic  political punk-rock-hymns is what you will get, screaming out against  capitalism, animal exploitation and the racist agenda in times of  neoliberal crisis.