About us

On May 25th, 2019, the coraci – festival contre le racisme takes place the 10th time at the University of Lüneburg. We invite you to participate in music, discussions, workshops and cultural events to think about a humanitarian society in which people with different ways of life are free and support each other. We want to discuss with you whether this remains a utopia or if it is an idea for which we want to fight.


  • Political Coraci-Festival for a humanitarian and diverse society in solidarity
  • May 25th, 2019
  • Free entrance
  • Campus University of Lüneburg
  • Workshops, Bands, Sports, Food Stalls & much more

In what kind of society do we want to live? What has to be changed to reach a humanitarian, diverse and solidary society? These thoughts are still, and maybe more than ever, necessary.

Europe is closing its borders and is ignoring the situation in the world. Are those reactions humanitarian measures? People who are fleeing from war and persecution are stopped at the borders and their situation is exploited? explained? as a crisis instead of helping them.

Right wing populism is on the rise, not only in Germany with the AfD, but all over Europe: racism and hate is becoming more prevalent. Oppression and inequality are still a serious issue, because they discriminate non-privileged persons through societal structures or direct hostility.

We think that a good society should be different!

We want to fight with you against this inhuman and unfree policy. Everyone on the earth should have the right and the freedom to live how she*he wants without having to fear discrimination and oppression.

Origin, faith, sexual orientation, disease or way of life shouldn´t be a reason to judge people or to treat them differently. We want a society that’s not just promoting a few for the disadvantage of others but one that is valuing everyone.

Let us for one day take the time to leave the surface, to blur the lines between the university and the city and to create space for thoughts and discussions in workshops, lectures, films, sports and great music concerts to reflect and question entrenched patterns of thinking.

We hereby invite you, free of charge and hopefully in a nice summer atmosphere to raise your awareness, to mobilize yourselves, to network, to discuss and to celebrate together.

Let us dance, sing, meet people, exchange cultural ideas, broaden horizons and create a community of friendship, openness and solidarity in which everyone feels comfortable.

Therefore, please respect each other and be thoughtful!

Racist, sexist, nationalistic, homophobic, anti-Semitic, xenophobic or similar disgusting slogans, behaviour or practices do of course not belong to the coraci.

We do not raise the claim to deliver a well-styled event, but want to create a nice festival as a political project to show our vision of coexistence. Admission to the festival is free. The coraci is organized by politically active people who like organizing a festival and is financed by the sale of drinks as well as funds from the student body and money from supporters. All organizers and volunteers work on an honorary basis. Therefore, all artists and lecturers can only receive an expense allowance and we rely on the solidarity of all concerned.

Your coraci 2019 Crew

Nazi groups, members of neo-fascist groups and other troublemakers have no business attending the coraci-Festival. This applies both to events such as workshops, lectures, films and sports as well as to all music events.

AStA der Universität Lüneburg
Scharnhorststraße 1
21335 Lüneburg