Music Line-Up 2023

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S.A.M. is an emerging hip-hop artist at the beginning of their journey into the music world. S.A.M.’s lyrics are already full of power and authenticity. Living on the streets of St. Pauli, their experiences and reality flow directly into the lyrics, which are an impressive reflection of S.A.M.’s strength and determination. S.A.M. presents themselves as an artist who aims to not only entertain but also inspire with their music. In 2023, S.A.M. made their debut in the music world with the song ‚Ich kann nicht durchs Viertel gehen‘ and conveys a clear stance with their latest single „S.A.M“.

Ish is a young female artist and actress from Bonn, Germany with roots in Guinea, Angola and Portugal, whose music goes straight to the heart. Her Instrumentals range from melodic Lo-Fi that brings you to tears, to funk and house which nring out good vibes to soundtrack the summer, to trappy 808 beats that awaken your inner dancer. She is multilingual and writes soft French poetic love songs, upbeat tunes in English as well as German rap. Her debut EP shows that she knows exactly how to work through different genres without losing focus or authenticity. Ish is not the type of artist you can label, her artistic versatility displays her vivid persona that can and will not be caged.
Her artistic versatility includes her acting career taking off when she played the role of „Ava“ in 4 seasons of ZDFs own series „DRUCK“ which is still a huge success.

JNNRHNDRXX, pronounced Jenner Hendrixx, is a Berlin-based artist who requires more than one breath to fully convey her talents: She is a rapper, singer, model, actress, TikTok sensation, and author at the young age of 26. Her passion for music, dance and the stage developed early on: at the age of 10 she started singing in the church choir, four years later she was discovered by a photographer in Berlin and has been working as a model ever since. She has been an extra and actress in TV shows and movies and published her own chapter in the book “Schwarz wird großgeschrieben”, which was published by Rosa Mag and Evelin Obulor in 2021. With the release of her debut EP “STAAKEN TRAUMA” last year, JNNRHNDRXX made her official debut on the rap scene. She performed as a cover girl for Siegessäule and Tip Berlin and won over a lot of new listeners and the press. When JNNRHNDRXX is on stage, she never fails to make her audience sweat and give a powerful performance that combines rap, dance, and twerk elements. Examples of this include her performances in 2022 at the CSD in Berlin in front of the Brandenburg Gate and in 2023 as the headliner of her own show at the Fusion Festival.