Workshop: Solidarity with Jewish People in Antira Movements

20.05. 13-16Uhr

With: Riv & Nora

For BIPoCs, Migras and people working against racism and antisemitism.

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Antisemitism is a recurring theme in Germany. But the focus of this topic is the narrative of a good German reappraisal of history. All too often, topics such as Jewish poverty in Germany, the non-recognition of educational qualifications and the plurality of Jews and their perspectives fall under the table. There is a lot of talk about Jewish people, but hardly any discussion of Jewish experiences and perspectives. Riv and Nora want to change that.

In this workshop we will focus on Jewish perspectives. We will talk about antisemitism and racism, about similarities and differences, and about the exclusions that Jewish people experience in BIPoC and Migra contexts. Together we will then ask the question, what might solidarity with Jewish people in anti-racist movements look like? The workshop will consist of inputs, exercises and parts where you will engage with yourself.